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Dental Explainer Videos for Websites

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Educate Patients and Win
Their Trust, keep them
focused on your brand
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Enhance you Waiting Room Experience

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Dental Explainer Videos to educate
patients and Win Their Trust.

Attention-Grabbing Muted Autoplay

In this example, we are using our Teeth Whitening Explainer Video to drive viewers to take action

With the muted autoplay feature, the videos will start playing automatically when the page loads, but without disrupting the viewer’s experience with the sound. This will encourage them to explore further and learn more about your dental services.

No YouTube Distractions with 3rd party-related videos

Unlike videos streamed from YouTube, our videos don’t show suggested or related videos at the end. This means your viewers won’t get distracted and can stay focused on your message.

360 WRTV

Our 360 WRTV is a tiny, high-tech computer stick that transforms your HDTV into an Internet video streaming system which allows your dental practice to display engaging visuals, promote and cross-sell products, show patient testimonials, as well as explainer videos that are great for educating patients on different treatments that your dental clinic provides, they are also prompt to take action and book their treatments.

This presentation system for your waiting room can be customized with layouts to display additional information such as Dental practice Plans, Dental finance options, and upcoming dental events.

Multiple Call-to-Actions and Action links in any video

Alongside the video, we provide the ability to add dynamic call-to-action buttons and links. They can be customised to suit your current promotions or any specific message you want to convey.

Analytics & Reports

With the integrated Google Analytics tracking, you can gain valuable insights into your video’s performance.

360 PROMOS – Explainer Videos based on common questions from dental patients

The content is written in plain language by well establish and recognised dentists.

These videos are customised to suit your brand image (company colour, logo, and practice images) and can be embedded into your website.

White Fillings Explainer Video

Anti-Snoring Explainer Video

Veneers Explainer Video

Tooth Decay Explainer Video

Gum Disease Explainer Video

Root Canal Explainer Video

Invisalign Explainer Video

Dental Implant Explainer Video

Crowns & Bridges Explainer Video

Teeth Whitening Explainer Video

Get All Our Videos on Your Waiting Room TV

You can subscribe and have all our videos customised to your brand and published on your website,
in just three simple steps.

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