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360 PROMOS – Explainer Videos based on common questions from dental patients

The content is written in plain language by well establish and recognised dentists.

These videos are customised to suit your brand image (company colour, logo, and practice images) and can be embedded into your website.

Waiting Room TVs

Some dental practices also use our videos on their waiting room TVs. If you are interested in having our videos showing in your waiting room, please click on the button below for more info.

White Fillings Explainer Video

Anti-Snoring Explainer Video

Veneers Explainer Video

Tooth Decay Explainer Video

Gum Disease Explainer Video

Root Canal Explainer Video

Invisalign Explainer Video

Dental Implant Explainer Video

Crowns & Bridges Explainer Video

Teeth Whitening Explainer Video

Effective and Affordable

Initial Setup Fee

£ 111 .00

£25 per month

  • Brand Logo and colors
  • Get all current library and future videos
  • Multiple call-to-action
  • Autoplay Video in silent mode
  • Viewers can submit a form right from the video
  • Add Actionable Overlays on Videos
  • We set up everything for you
  • We provide tech support
  • Sticky on Scroll (Stay in view when scrolling the page)
  • Google Analytics Integration

Please Note// This service is only available for Dentist with WordPress Websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum subscription period for the service?

Yes, there is a minimum subscription period of three months for our service. After the initial three months, you have the flexibility to unsubscribe at any time by providing a 30-day notice. We value your satisfaction and strive to provide a service that meets your needs while offering the freedom to make changes when necessary.

What happens to my access to the videos if I decide to cancel my subscription?

If you choose to cancel your subscription, please note that your access to the videos will be available until the conclusion of your current billing period. However, once the billing period ends, your access to the videos will be discontinued.

Is it possible for my website administrator to install and configure the videos?

The set-up fee covers the installation process, which involves our team configuring and setting up the videos on our end. We will then assist in installing a plugin on your website. Whether we handle the installation directly or support your website administrator, the set-up fee remains fixed. Rest assured, we are here to ensure a smooth installation process and provide any necessary assistance along the way.

Is it possible to request a customised video if there are sections that are not relevant to my dental practice?

Please give us a call at 020 8133 8803, and our team will be more than happy to discuss your customisation needs

Is it possible to have the videos on my non-WordPress website?

Yes, it is possible to have the videos on your non-WordPress website. However, please be aware that certain marketing features may be limited in this scenario. For more information and to explore the available options, please feel free to contact us.





90 Days Welcome Discount


We are offering 50% discounts on the SET UP FEE for subscribing between July and September 2023. In addition, we will not invoice the first month of the subscription.

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